Management & Quality Program

Programa GQ - Gestão e Qualidade

The GQ program combines theory and on-the-job learning aiming at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of institutions at national level. The goal is to help more people and deploy fewer resources (either financial, human or infrastructures) by improving management and organization practices.

The Basic GQ Program equips solidarity institutions with the skills required to improve management and obtain the Quality System C-level certification of Social Responses of the Social Security. In summary:

  • Theoretical and on-the-job skill-building program: 60 hours, classroom and/or online training – 10 sessions for 5 months;
  • Theoretical and online training (e-learning) available institution-wide;
  • Practical support to the consolidation and implementation of concepts adjusted to the culture of the organization through volunteer specializing in management fully dedicated to each institution.

The Advanced GQ Program takes a deeper step into the change process within institutions and pursues the work started with the Basic GQ Program, aiming at increasing management efficiency and effectiveness, providing training on specific topics (both theoretical and practical).

A set of programs with a 2 to 3-day duration, always with the support of volunteers specializing in the areas addressed.

Currently there are four Advanced GQ Programs:

  • Internal Auditing for the Quality System of ISS
  • Financial Analysis and Sustainability
  • Indicators
  • Human Resources