Social Corporate Entrepreneurship

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The Social Corporate Entrepreneurship identifies sustainable solutions for problems neglected by society involving positive externalities at business level, proven by reactions observed among target consumers and among employees of companies that develop these externalities.

Social Corporate Entrepreneurship responds to the increasing pressure from the various stakeholders of companies in order to ensure that they design their own social agenda generating impact along the value chain.

Projects with an extremely broad scope are developed, covering various pillars of the modern society (e.g., environment, education, healthcare, human rights, culture).

In this area the Academy develops projects within national reference companies that aim to be a step ahead in the social responsibility area.

The pilot project has been developed with the JMS Group in the CUF Descobertas Hospital. The social mission of this project consists of improving the living quality of ADHD children and family, thus fostering the social integration and future success via direct intervention in the various environments where these children live. The launch of this program took place in September with the public introduction of its website.